Home Health Billing & Coding Services

Home Health Billing Services

Deliver comprehensive billing services for Home Health Agencies all over the USA

Complete full professional procedures to evaluate and understand your business model and market

Make use of the latest IT systems and solutions aimed at medical billing in healthcare markets

Provide the best trained and experienced billing experts who are exposed to all software used in the market.

Home Health Coding

Deliver full range of coding services using our in-house expert certified coders

Used to help healthcare agencies be efficient in a dynamic environment

Perform full range of OASIS reviews

Migration from ICD-9CN in the most efficient cost effective way

Home Health ICD-10 Coding

Coding experts had anticipated M1024 to be deleted from the new OASIS-C1 draft as, instead it was renamed M1025 and redefined for additional optional diagnoses that will be used for risk adjustment only, and not payment.

The coding items on the OASIS-C1 draft have been expanded to allow for reporting ICD-10 codes, and references to ICD-9 V and E codes were replaced with references to V, W, X, Y and Z codes. The coding items have been renamed so that M1020 (the primary diagnosis) becomes M1021 and M1022 (the other diagnoses) becomes M1023. M1012 (Inpatient procedures) was deleted.

CMS has stated earlier this year that it’s inappropriate for home health to code resolved conditions.

The proposed PPS rule, released June 27, states that Appendix D will be retired effective Oct. 1, 2014 and all necessary guidance can be found in the ICD-10-CM coding guidelines.

Outsourced Home Health Coding

It allows you to sidestep complex, redundant procedures that demand the significant input of resources, be it human or capital. As specialists, outsourced partners are better equipped to deliver better results that are as accurate as cost-effective.

Let a member of our team create a customized billing solution. Our extensive involvement in the industry allows us to provide customized solutions that are tailored specifically to your business.

Medicare, Medicaid, and Private providers
Daily billing
Training and support for staff
Enhanced cash flow
Customized reporting solutions
Experienced with Medicare Advantage plans

Outsourced Home Health Billing

FORCE Billing and Coding provides comprehensive billing services for Home Health agencies all over the country. Before implementing a billing solution, we undertake rigorous procedures to thoroughly understand your business model and your market. Our services are provided through cutting-edge IT solutions designed specifically for medical billing in the healthcare industry. FORCE Billing and Coding gives you a full-fledged, state-of-the-art billing architecture that delivers real results. FORCE offers highly trained billing experts that are highly skilled in much different software's used in today's Healthcare industry.

"We at FORCE like to feel like we are part of the agency that we are servicing. We like to have open contact with the agency and feel like we are part of a family. Not only are we working for the agency, but with them to increase revenue and open up time for them to focus on what's really important, and that's patient care."

Home Health Consulting

Effective heath care delivery requires that company management pay attention to detail in all aspects of the business. It is necessary to have qualified and well-trained frontline caregivers, superlative communication between staff and referral sources and to run an efficient, well-managed business office.

Home Health Agencies find that ever-changing regulations, employee turnover, and reduced reimbursements make it very difficult to succeed in today's market. Let FORCE take this burden off your agency so you can focus on improving your Patient Outcomes, building stronger relationships with referral sources, and becoming more profitable. Our staff of Certified Compliance Experts, Nationally Certified Coders, Billing Experts and OASIS Specialists are ready to build strong relationships with your organization as you move closer to achieving your goals.

We offer a complete suite of services to Home Health Agencies around the United States. As our primary goal is to make our clients more successful, we are happy to create a custom solution to meet an agency's needs. Please take a look at each of our individual services to find out more about how FORCE will help your agency Navigate the Complexities of Healthcare.

Home Health Compliance

FORCE’s Compliance Program development services are offered to those companies with a focus on adherence to Federal guidelines as recommended by the Office of the Inspector General. These guidelines as set forth by the OIG will assist the Agency in standardizing practices in order to service their clients, with emphasis placed on offering the highest quality service while protecting the privacy of their healthcare and related issues.