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10 Questions for Home Health Coders

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Posted: 4th Jan 2016

  1. What type of services is the patient receiving, and what is the reason for each of the services? o Skilled Nursing o Physical Therapy o Occupational Therapy o Speech Language Pathology o Medical Social Worker o Aide

  2. Has the patient been hospitalized?

  3. Has the patient had recent surgery?
    a. If a patient had a fracture, did the patient have total joint replacement or not?

  4. Required coding?
    a. HTN b. DM c. COPD d. Oxygen e. CHF f. CAD g. Cancer or Hx of cancer

  5. If patient has cancer, is the patient still receiving treatment?

  6. If the patient has had a stroke, are there any late affects?

  7. If the patient has Diabetes, are there any manifestations?

  8. If the patient is on Coumadin, what is it for?
    a. Is the patient on any other high risk meds, and what are they for?

  9. What are the most intensive diagnoses and their severities?

  10. Are there any other diagnoses that affect the Plan of Care?