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HIPPS Code Issue to be corrected January 2016

Posted: 4th Jan 2016

Home Health claims with a HIPPS code starting with a “5” that are being submitted are generating inc

7th Character “A” is Sometimes Used

Posted: 9th Dec 2015

7th Character “A” is Sometimes Used in Home Care Coding According to NAHC


Posted: 8th Dec 2015


OASIS-C1: changes to coding items for ICD 10

Posted: 8th May 2015

What’s up in the business landscape? With the changing demands and preferences of consumers coupled

Home Health Coding essentials for new HHA's

Posted: 8th May 2015

For this post, we wanted to discuss some coding basics that may help those of yo

ACOs taking a toll on Home Health Marketing

Posted: 25th Jun 2013

According to the June 17, 2013 issue of Home Health Line the rapid increase of Accountable Care Orga

Point of Service Reporting Q Codes for Home Health

Posted: 5th Jun 2013

Point Of Service Q Codes reporting will be effective 7/1/2013

Tackling Face to Face Documentation

Posted: 3rd Apr 2013

A prerequisite that health care providers have a face-to-face meeting with patients was appended as

New CMS Requirements: reporting service location and POC changes

Posted: 19th Mar 2013

Effective July 1, 2013, it will be required by home health agencies to report specific data so that

8 common mistakes made by Home Health coders

Posted: 14th Mar 2013

Home Health Services are unique due to the nature of care given to the patients. This causes many c

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