FORCE’s Compliance Program development services are offered to those companies with a focus on adherence to Federal guidelines as recommended by the Office of the Inspector General. These guidelines as set forth by the OIG will assist the Agency in standardizing practices in order to service their clients, with emphasis placed on offering the highest quality service while protecting the privacy of their healthcare and related issues.

FORCE utilizes the following OIG guidelines in all of their service programs:

    Implementation of written policies, procedures and standards of conduct
    Designation of a compliance officer and committee
    Effective training and education
    Development of effective communication systems
    Enforcement of high standards of service via effective disciplinary guidelines
    Internal monitoring and auditing
    Attentive response to detected offenses followed by adequate corrective action

By utilizing these strategic approaches, the FORCE Team can assist in structuring policies and procedures for the Agency which focus on ensuring improved healthcare delivery and satisfaction, and which are tailored to meet specific Agency needs.