It is important that every home health agency establish and execute well on their internal processes from admission through discharge and that everyone in the organization understand the importance of their role in adhering to the agency's policies and procedures. From intake and initial assessment to discharge and payment for the services provided there are a number of steps that must be taken to maintain clinical and financial compliance to satisfy regulatory requirements and yield best financial results.

F.O.R.C.E.'s Operations Review is structured to review and evaluate how well the client is performing in regard to the initial assessment (OASIS), ICD-9-CM Coding, clinical documentation, utilization, therapy reassessments, Face to Face documentation, and financial performance (Visit Trigger). Reimbursement Rates continue to decline. At the same time CMS has ramped up it pre and post payment reviews for compliance in OASIS preparation and timeliness, IC9-9-CM coding accuracy, and clinical documentation to support homebound status and medically necessary services.

This review will help you identify strengths and weaknesses from a third party perspective so you can make necessary adjustments to internal processes and improve compliance and financial performance.